01Circuit design capabilities

  • Multi-Media PC design

  • Dimming controller

  • 30 kind of products design

02EMI counter-measure capabilities

  • 100 kinds of products

  • EMI countermeasures

03Semiconductor design capabilities

  • USB Camera Back-End

  • 16bit Processor

04Firmware development

  • LBS and Magnifier

  • Fingerprint Recognition

  • 20 kind of product

Development experience 29 years of electrical / electronic product

The founder of Mostpower has been engaged in electric / electronic development field for 29 years. He was responsible for development and management, and developed over 30 electric / electronic products. Digital circuit design technology, semiconductor design technology, and has the capability of developing firmware. During the introduction of EMI in the early 90s, he is in charge of EMI certification measures and has capable of solving EMI problems.

Patents and Certificates

Mostpower holds 3 patents related to power-saving. The patents are on ‘Active Power Factor Correction Technology in AC state’, ‘How to Adjust No-Loss Voltage Drop in AC State’, and ‘Intelligent remote control power-saving system and its operation method’.