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Reduce carbon emissions with power-saving outlet

There is a need to reduce energy use due to global warming as carbon emissions increase and also, the need for power saving is increasing.
In addition, due to the seriousness of recent nuclear accidents, the need for power saving is rapidly increasing due to the shortage of electric power supply due to the increase in demand for environmentally friendly power generation.
Most Power has developed a 'Automatic voltage adjustment function built-in power-saving outlet' and is an eco-friendly company that improves the global environment by reducing carbon emissions through power saving effect.

All products that use electricity are plugged into an outlet. Using our technology, power-saving mode from an outlet can provide power-savings for all products that are connected to the outlet.
Regardless of the change in the input voltage of the outlet, the outlet output voltage is automatically adjusted to 207 Volts. In the best scenario, it is possible to achieve a power-saving of up to 26% compared to 233 Volts.
In addition, automatic voltage regulation technique extends the life-cycle of the products and guarantees the same performance all the time.

  • Oct. 2015 | Most Power Co., Ltd. Incorporation of enterprise

  • Feb. 2016 | Venture company confirmation from SBC

  • Mar. 2016 | KEPCO ‘SPIN’ accompanied growth subcontractor selection

  • Apr. 2016 | Business financial support from Gyeonggi Credit Guarantee Foundation

  • Jun. 2016 | Open Connectivity Foundation(OCF) Basic Member registration

  • Nov. 2016 | Participated in BIXPO2016 exhibition

  • Nov. 2016 | Participated in EUW(European Utility Week)2016 exhibition

  • Dec. 2016 | Selected as a start-up customized support project from KISED

  • Feb. 2017 | Participated in ‘Korea-China start-up business partnering forum’

  • Apr. 2017 | Received funding for re-start-up technology development from SBC

  • May 2017 | Participated in Southeast Asian market pioneer group with support of Seongnam city(Myanmar, Laos)

  • Jun. 2017 | Participated in the export promotion meeting of CIS countries with KEPCO support. (Azerbaijan, Russia)

  • July 2017 | Participated in the export promotion meeting of Kazakstan with KEPCO support.

CEO, Kum-sung Yim
  • June 2015 | Practice founded education graduates from KISED

  • July 2015 | It helped the proto-type production cost from SNVENTURE

  • July 2015 | It was selected as project funding subject from KISED

  • Nov. 2015 | KAUFFMAN FastTrac announcement Excellence Award-winning business plan

  • Dec. 2015 | From SNVENTURE entrepreneurship competition Excellence Award

  • Dec. 2015 | From KISED Excellent companies in China oversea training

  • June 2016 | IP leader flip learning basic course education completion (KIPA)

  • Sep. 2016 | Completed overseas export practical training course (KEPCO)

  • Nov. 2016 | IP leader flip learning deep course education completion (KIPA)

  • Dec. 2016 | Completion of FTA general trade training (KEPCO)

  • Feb. 2017 | It was selected as the IOT expert committee of KEA.

  • May. 2017 | Completion of SME export practical training course (KEPCO)

  • Korean/Kanji Mono-CGA Board Development

  • IBM-XT PC Chip Set Development of participation

  • DRDOS ROM-DOS card development

  • Gimpo Airport Radar Continuous recording system development contributions

  • Various electrical / electronic products EMI / EMC certification measures

  • POSCO crane automation EMI countermeasure

  • VGA to TV Encoder board development

  • Multi-media PC TV tuner card development

  • MPEG Overlay board development

  • Sound card development

  • Home Base Phone development

  • USB Fingerprint recognition hardware and firmware development

  • USB CMOS Camera Chip Set development contributions

  • Multi-media PC TV tuner card development

  • X86 compatible 16bit Processor development contributions

  • Sound card development

  • LED Dimming Sensor module development

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